The North Carolina Triad Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association serves the rough geographical area from the NC/VA border to Asheboro, and Graham/Mebane to I-77.  This area is home to over 2000 alumni of Virginia Tech.

Our mission is to foster and promote the Hokie Nation within our geographical region.  Together with the Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham (RTP) chapters, we comprise the largest chapters outside of the Northern Virginia/Maryland, Roanoke, and Tidewater regions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any dues?

The Virginia Tech Alumni Association (VTAA) does not require any dues for membership, one of the few university alumni associations in the state that do not require membership dues.

While we do sponsor events that may have a registration fee, these are to cover the cost of the event.  Any “profits” from the event are applied to our operating budget, or to our Scholarship Endowment.

How do I get involved?

Simple answer – just show up to an event.  Your participation level can be as simple as that, or you can become more involved in helping to set the direction of the local chapter by weighing in at one of our monthly business meetings/socials.

By showing up to events, you help us to provide a much more visible presence in the local community.  If the event has a cost associated with it, any profits will go to our local scholarship fund.

You decide how involved you are with the chapter.  Just dedicating an average of an hour or so every month is really all you would need to count on.

Do I have to register for anything?

There are several levels of “registration”.

1.) Site registration – you register for an account on the site here permits you to post on the forums, submit event registrations (and cancellations if need be).  This automatically registers you for our newsletter (see next).

2.) Newsletter registration – you signup only to receive our email newsletter.  This is sent sporadically to notify you of local events and happenings.  Your information is never sold or released.

3.) Event registration – occasionally we may ask you to register/RSVP to a specific event in order to get a head-count, order tickets, etc.  Costs will be disclosed for each individual event.

Do I get access to football tickets?

The Hokie Club (also known as the VT Athletic Fund) runs the point system for assignments of ticket priority, etc.  Participating in local VTAA events does not earn points for the VTAF.

For point priority, VTAF donations, etc., please visit the main VTAF site at www.hokieclub.com.